Question by  allornothing27 (84)

Where can I purchase the American Heart Association cookbook? Is this something you can get at the bookstore?

How about Amazon?


Answer by  mechfour413 (11)

There is a new version of the American Heart Association cookbook out, you can purchase it at Barnes and Noble for about $15.00. Or order it online, or go to a Barnes and Nobel store.


Answer by  kimmik (120)

Amazon has a few different editions of that cookbook. Barnes & Noble also has it available on their website, along with low-salt, low-cholesterol, and quick versions.


Answer by  dewittwhitley (213)

Yes, amazon is one of many places you can purchase this book at. They will probably have more options and varieties on there site when it comes to cookbooks from the American Heart Association. There are also multiple editions of this book being released every year so you will have plenty of things to research what you need and want.


Answer by  BriggyGal (153)

You can find it on Amazon or eBay as well as in large chain bookstores and maybe even some locally owned ones.


Answer by  Hilda (22)

You can purchase this book directly from the heart association or Amazon. There might be a local bookstore or library that already has this book that would be the most frugal option so you can avoid the price of shipping. One other thing to try is post a Wanted in your local Freecycle group.

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