Question by  merchinpro (17)

Do you use American money in the Bahamas?

I am going to the Bahamas and need to know if I use American Money?


Answer by  THardison (48)

When visiting the Bahamas, either the U. S. dollar or the Bahamian dollar will do. The Bahamian dollar is the unit currency and is equivalant, 1 $B = 1 $U. S. However, the Bahamian dollar is sometimes traded for half its value, so dont waste your time trying to trade when you arrive.


Answer by  leilahlana (49)

In the Bahamas you may use either American Money or Bahamian money. However outside the Bahamas the Bahamian dollar is not worth much.


Answer by  Zickafoose (35)

The Bahamas has their own currency called the Bahamian dollar. However,it is consistent with the American dollar. You can use either the American dollar or the Bahamian dollar when in the Bahamas to purchase items. Some Bahamian dollars though are good for souvenirs because they are different than American dollars (Such as the $3 and. 15 cent coin).


Answer by  saltersproducts (25)

Yes you can use American money there most places will accept it but travelers checks would be better in case if lost or stolen they can be replace.

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