Question by  avanthika (23)

Where can I find antique barrister bookcase hardware?

I need antique barrister bookcase hardware.


Answer by  Learner (350)

Go gor online shopping where you can find antique barrister bookcases in different styles, colors and different types of finish. Check out for those which best suits your standards.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

The best place to find antique hardware is a well stocked antique store, the generally carry parts. You can also search online for antique parts.


Answer by  Empress (122)

There are three places that I would suggest. There are "salvage stores" that remove hardware etc from junk furniture and sell it. Second, you might try antique stores, the sometimes have boxes of hardware lying around. Lastly, you could try to buy enw harware and "distress" it, make it look old with burning, rusting, paints, etc.


Answer by  sandxssun (6)

It just so happens I've been researching the same thing. Check these sites: antiquerepairguy dot com, kennedyhardware dot com, and the ebay user mecadan. The each sell knobs, pivot hardware, and even the door frames themselves.

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