Question by  pippo (16)

Where can I get help with fractions?

I do not understand fractions.


Answer by  mark55 (21)

A basic search on the internet will provide a number of websites that specialise in online tutoring, many with sample questions and answers that are free and quite useful. If attending school, many teachers will also provide extra tuition, and often other students/peers will offer to help for no charge or a minimal fee.


Answer by  peace232 (76)

I would try going to your teacher, parents, classmates, tutors, the local library in your area, or on the internet especially if you ask a more specific question I am sure there are people willing to help you.


Answer by  mattj (76)

Seek a teacher or student that would be happy to help. Or, if you preferred to learn independently, there are many books borrow or buy. Searching online could be helpful.

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