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Question by  Richard88 (391)

Where can I get a replacement stock for a Stevens 311 H?

My shotgun stock needs replacing.


Answer by  felishar03 (32)

Well, a great place to look for a new stock for you shotgun would be Mission Essentials they have a wide range of fire arms and replacement parts. You may also wanna look online at amazon or check out a gun show if you don't mind used parts.


Answer by  ParrotPirate (477)

A gun show is a good place to look for parts if you don't mind used parts. Also,try online searches.


Answer by  peasoup (32)

I checked around and the website gunstocksinc is probably a good resource to try. Or you can try going to a local sporting goods or hunting store.


Answer by  fire157 (21)

Numrich Arms has all available replacement parts for the stevens 311 H. They can located by entering "Numrich arms" in a search engine. it may come up as "e-gunparts".


Answer by  centurion (55)

The stock for a Stevens 311 H is available on e-gunparts. com. Simply search by Manufacturer, Model and piece required. The average price is roughly $65.

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