Question by  Irishvet (16)

How can I begin buying stocks?

I think it's time for me to start investing in stocks.


Answer by  nate33 (62)

To begin buying stocks, you must first identify how much you are willing to invest in the stock market. Having a friend or two who are knowledgeable about the stock market and have invested money of their own would help you with decision making on which stocks to buy. A stock broker can also help you as well.


Answer by  HJ (143)

Research investing, research companies you'd like to invest in, and get an investment account with one of the online traders. Start small, with money you'd be willing to lose.


Answer by  ThomasDenholm (72)

There are many ways to approach investing in stocks, you can get a broker to manage everything for you or you can do it yourself typically using an internet site as a gateway to buying stocks. There is a huge amount of information out there and lot of advice and tips. Do extensive research before proceeding.


Answer by  Gfaaw (143)

If you have time to do your own research and make you own stock picks, the most cost effective way would be to open an account with a discount broker. Then once you fund the account you can start buying and selling stocks.


Answer by  kaboom969 (242)

Start by opening an investment account. Next, deposit some money into that investment account, and then simply search for the stocks that interest you, and buy.


Answer by  kicks (5)

first find a good online scott trade...and sign up for an account...follow the instructions to fund your tradeing account.. find the stocks you want and place your order


Answer by  gleverance (720)

Depending on how much you have to open an account with, you can hire a broker to help invest your money. Be ready to educate yourself.


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

First you had better meet some financial consultants and get their points regarding the current market,meanwhile based on your own knowledge you select appropriate company and stocks.Be sure to read the related reports from time to time.


Answer by  Simon (54)

Before buying any stock it is a good idea to take some classes that will teach you what the cammonly used word mean.

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