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Question by  Devonne (17)

How can I find good colorists?

I want to get my hair colored frequently


Answer by  kateo (42)

Talk to your friends and get recommendations from the ones who color their hair regularly. Check the websites for the salons that have them, sometimes there are bios on those who have been coloring for awhile. Try getting a trim first, if the stylist listens and works with your preferences and features, they may be a great colorist as well.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

The best way to find a good hair colorist is by word of mouth. Ask around to your friends, family, and friends-of-friends to see who gets their hair colored by someone they like, who also offers low prices to fit your budget.


Answer by  hmmm (290)

The best way is to find a recognized salon, usually the hairstylists that are the busiest are the best. Look for one with good clientele.


Answer by  Penny16 (106)

In my opinion, word of mouth is the best test to a colorists abilities. I usually ask when I see someone that has great hair, where they got it done


Answer by  carm3llo (55)

Good colorists are tricky to find, but your best bet is going to a well known and respected salon that requires their staff to undergo more schooling after cosmetology school, specific to that salon. For instance, Toni & Guy requires their staff to undergo specific training especially for them to insure they can preform well.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Find some salons in your area. Often times the higher end salon workers go through more training. Also, if you see someone with a nice coloring ask where they go!


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

I would suggest going to a high end salon. You will have to pay a little bit more, but I think you will be happy with how it looks in the end.


Answer by  StylistExtraordinaire (28)

Getting a personal recommendation from someone you trust, like a co-worker, friend or family member, is the most fool=proof way to find a great colorist. Also, if you see someone whose hair color you really like, don't be afraid to ask them who colors their hair. Choosing your colorist without seeing their work beforehand can be risky.


Answer by  hardkaur1 (30)

To find good colorists visit the local salons. Look at the women who work at the salons and if you want your hair colored the same way book an appointment.

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