Question by  lldevil02 (35)

Where can I find Bain de Terre products?


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

Bain de Terre products are sold in many beauty supply and department stores. You can actually go to their website, inpute zip code and they'll tell you where to go.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

These hair products are offered at a very good price online. Your beautician may also be able to order them for you.


Answer by  jag (278)

The best way to get bain de terre products is from a professional. Sometimes you can find them at target or rite aid or something like that, maybe walgreens or anyplace like that. It's always best to but from a professional though because then it's guaranteed. Bain de Terre products are awesome.


Answer by  jwalk (389)

The official bain de terre website will provide lists of local salons that sell these products. They can also be purchsed online, and at Trade Secret and Ulta salons.


Answer by  AndieB (142)

The line of Bain de Terre products can be found in salons only as it is a licensed professional product and is only guaranteed when sold by a professional.

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