Question by  Adam1080 (32)

Where can I find a wi-fi booster for a lap top computer?

I need a wi fi booster for my lap top.


Answer by  Math68 (308)

There are any number of USB wireless adapters available on the 802.11n protocol, and you can get them at almost any electronics store, like Best Buy, HH Gregg, Electronics Express, or others. If you're trying to extend the range of your home network, you might consider either upgrading your router to an N level router, or getting a range extender.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

There are a lot of these wi-fi boosters that you can find in the market nowadays. To access them is a matter of surfing the net. One company that is considered to be on top of the line when it comes to this technology is CISCO. It has different products for this depending on the specifications needed by the client.


Answer by  redconvoy (6)

You can find a wi-fi booster at CompUSA, Best Buy,or Office Depot. You can also find them at Walmart. The best brand to get is Linksys.


Answer by  JohnSmith (52)

You may purchase a usb wifi adapter which may be more reliable than your laptops built in wifi or you could look to "DIY" solutions such as increasing the range via altering the antenna on said usb adapters this is legal in most areas and is effective. projects such as the "cantenna" might assist you.


Answer by  santhoshcomputer (41)

First You have to understand that why we are using wi-fi booster in the laptop , it increase the data transfer rate between two wireless devices , we can find it from the websites


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Booster are for enhancing the wireless router signal and can be found online. If you want a better signal on the laptop add an antennae or upgrade the wireless card.


Answer by  ATVRACING250ex (84)

Easiest thing to get is a wireless-N router and a usb port wireless-N reciever. Wireless-N is the best of the best and you probably have wireless-G


Answer by  gigo (1706)

To boost up the speed of your laptop I give you the advice to switch of the build in wifi and buy an external wifi usb stick with a long cable (for example from AVM).


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

Wi-Fi boosters can typically be found at any office supply store like Office Depot or Staples. You could also try Best Buy or Walmart. Don't forget Amazon!


Answer by  Phil28 (379)

You can find those at any major hardware reseller. The thing you are looking for is called a repeater. Some access points also have a repeater mode, there is pure repeaters too. If your wifi card has an external antenna jack you can also try to connect a better antenna.


Answer by  John13 (186)

A good place to buy a wi-fi booster would be at Fry's Electronics or Best Buy. If you want to search online, you can check out Amazon or New Egg. Laptop computers sometimes come with slots called ExpressCard slots. Some companies produce wi-fi boosters that will fit specifically in these slots.


Answer by  sacko (27)

there are a lot of diferent webpages that sell that, i will recomend amazon or newegg, im quite sure you will find one with a low price

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