Question by  Leighla (19)

What is the best lap top computer?


Answer by  johnchristopheryap (40)

if your after for gaming, Originpc eon15-3d would be great for you. it's capable of 3d gaming, the specs are great for all games that's on market right now. if your after for business and home use, toshiba Satellit A500-ST56X6 is for you. reliability and performance defines it all.


Answer by  ahsanmahmoodawan (1169)

A best laptop is a laptop that have a powerfull processor and that have good graphics card and that support good resolutions e.G A LAPTOP WITH CORE I7 PROCESSO with a gts350 graphics card and about 4gb or ram and 17" lcd screen with a resolution of 1600 is a best laptop alienware m11x m15x m17x are some best laptops


Answer by  amitkinha (293)

It depends largely on your needs. Most Apple and Asus laptops are premium quality while Acer and Compaq tend to be less expensive but also poorer quality.


Answer by  venom8599 (49)

The best laptop computer depends upon what the user requires of the computer. Some laptops offer very thing and light construction, but are weak on power, while others are very powerful but are heavy and thick or lack the long battery life that some users would expect from a laptop.


Answer by  tyrannicdark (34)

Obviously there is no clear and defined winner in the game of electronics, but I'd have to go with an HP computer because they are cheap and are pretty fast. You get your most bang for your buck there.

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