Question by  anie (3)

When should I get my period again after having a baby?

Or more specifically, is it normal to have my period after 2 months of delivery while breastfeeding?


Answer by  Heather83 (281)

While having your period that soon after delivering, especially while breast feeding, is very unusual, it's not impossible. Most women who breastfeed won't have another period for anywhere from 4-12 months (depending on when they stop feeding). For a woman who does not breastfeed, their period may return within 1-2 months.


Answer by  cari77 (15)

Completely normal, I am currently breastfeeding my second child (breastfed 1st for 18 months and am on month 6 with the 2nd) and my period returned at about 3 months both times. Lots of women are lucky and don't have their periods return until after their child is weaned but not everyone is that lucky!


Answer by  easybear (92)

Yes, its completely normal. I was breastfeeding and started my period 8 months after delivery, while my friend started 3 months after. Each person is different.

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