Question by  Dwain77 (17)

When is the best time to plant vegetables?

I live in Texas and would like to have a vegetable garden next year.


Answer by  handydandi (25)

vegetables needs full light and warm weather, for the blooming of the vegetables next year take at least 3-4 months ahead, i. e. : for vegetables in the summer (July- august), plant the seeds in April (spring time is the best time)


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

You can start them a little early and keep inside until time to put out. Make sure very cold temperatures are over. Consult a publication like Old Farmers Almanac for detailed information and dates to set plants outside. Buying small plants provides a jumpstart, too.


Answer by  terrih (38)

After the last freeze of the year. Probably Feb/Mar for southern Texas, Mar/Apr for northern areas of the state. Start seeds inside to get a jump on the season.


Answer by  Derbyboo (442)

Depending on where you are in TX may allow you to plant certain crops year round. However, the general rule is after the temperature is above 35 degrees Fahrenheit at night, usually in March. If there is a chance of frost, then put the mister on the crop so that frost does not land on the plants.

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