Question by  makeupgirl513 (25)

When does lactation start during pregnancy?


Answer by  karraj (12)

From experience, this is my 4th pregnancy. In my first pregnancy, I started around 5 months. Every pregnancy after that, it started sooner than the previous one. So every pregnancy was diffrent for me. The more kids you have, the quicker your pregnant symptoms develop.


Answer by  Acoustica (69)

Lactation generally starts during the fourth to fifth month of pregnancy, in the second trimester. At first, the woman's breasts begin to product colostrum, a thick, yellow-ish fluid that may sometimes leak from the breast but is nothing to be overly concerned about. It is also medically possible to induce lactation in women.


Answer by  mandam7 (56)

Your true breastmilk will not come in until usually about a day or two after delivery, although this can be sped along by using a breast pump right away. You may have some colostrum, or pre-milk begin immediately after birth, or even several weeks before birth, especially if your breasts are stimulated.


Answer by  karraj (12)

lactation ususally starts between the 4th and the 5th week. Everyone is diffrent. This is my 4th pregnancy. Every pregnancy, It started sooner than the previous one.


Answer by  tammyt (5)

I stopped breast feeding 7 months ago I thought I was dried up but last week I noticed that there seems to be colostrum leaking


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Lactation starts about 2-3days after the baby is born that is when your milk starts. When the baby is first born you have got watery fluid which gradually turns to milk.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

Lactation starts ater seven monthe of pregnancy.Some time the healthy diet may cause the lactation very early.These changes in a lady is inherited from her mother.So if you know the month in wnich your mother had this change, then you can find the month of lactation in you.When the baby has limp growth lactation sets in.


Answer by  Deltamom89 (0)

I need help this is my second pregnancy and i started to notice i creamy color comes out when i squeeze my boob and im only 2 months is that normal

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