Question by  gigi (14)

When do babies start to talk?


Answer by  Travis (84)

It depends on the child but children should begin forming some types of word sounds around 8 months. If they are not talking by two years old they need tested


Answer by  italysmom (46)

All babies develope at different speeds, however, by the age of nine months most babies can say mama, dada, or other words like these.


Answer by  Yahooosearch (66)

Babies start to talk once they turn one year.They start speaking small words as mama atha thh etc.Once they turn 2years they start speaking.


Answer by  workingwoman11 (195)

All babies start to talk at different times. Most start at about six months. Depends on the amount of stimulation the baby receives. Reading books to babies help.


Answer by  Atul (48)

i think baby start to talk when they are cabable for this.start after fifth month to three year they start talk ...or capaple to give any type of sound ....

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