Question by  toneybn (2)

When canning BBQ sauce in plastic bottles, is the process the same as when glass bottles are used?

It seems like the heat would melt plastic.


Answer by  Jenny25525 (708)

Well, it's better to use glass because plastic would be melt with heat. So you are right in your assumption. Thus, you should be able to use glass bottles just fine.

Reply by timber (0):
Im using a plastic bottle to put bbq sauce in at room temperature in but the cap company doesnt know if it put a protectant seal like when you cold pack in glass jars. It comes with a taper resistant band but that only stops people from getting .  add a comment

Answer by  akukla (55)

You do not "can" in plastic, you decan and put it in the fridge! Yes, heat will melt plastic bottles. The alternative is to can under pressure in glass jars.

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