Question by  McGaff (22)

When are the seasons in Greece?

I am moving to Greece.


Answer by  poweredbyrakes (19)

The seasons in Greece are the same as any country in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter during Dec-Feb, Spring during March-May, Summmer during Jun-Aug, and Fall during Sep-Nov. Winters are wet and mild while summers are hot and dry. Greece has a typical Medditerrian climate, which is generally warm. But weather changes from coast to inland.


Answer by  kcplaysbball (19)

The seasons in Greece are similar to the seasons in the United States. If you are in Athens, the average temperature for winter is around 50 degrees. In the spring it is 60's and 70's. The summer stays below 90's usually. Its normally rainy and cool from November to March.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Greece compared tends to stay at a very comfortable temperature year round. The only temperature increase of significance happens once you leave the cities and head upwards into the higher elevations.

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