Question by  misschilly007 (20)

Is Roswell season 2 better than season 1?

i thought I would like season 1 but I did not.


Answer by  BriNelson43 (23)

I personally loved season 1 of Roswell and thought season 2 was ok. Season 2 focus more on the sci-fi aspect of the show than the relationships. Season 2 started off really slow but picked up halfway through the season. Without giving to much away, there are a major twist towards the end that happens that completely shocked me.


Answer by  BrandonAllin (968)

In my personal opinion, Season 2 is a little bit better than Season 2, but if you weren't a big fan of the first season, I don't really see your opinion changing all that much with Season 2. I'd say don't waste your time.


Answer by  ace95 (256)

Season tow is much better than Season One in that a lot more things come out about the aliens and there are more Michael and Maria scenes. Roswell was a good series in its entirety.


Answer by  DDragicevic (172)

The creators did a better job in including an overall story arc. The main protagonists are also much more vivid, as are the dialogues. I didn't like the humour, though.

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