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Question by  harry75 (41)

Why is the air conditioning in my car not blowing cold air?


Answer by  JOHNEBEG (486)

First check the fuse. If fuse is good,check belt going from your compressor to the engine. If the belt is there,turn on the air conditioning and see if the front part of the compressor turns. If it doesn`t turn then there may be a leak or not be enough freon in the system.


Answer by  JMack (34)

There could be a number of reasons. It is best to start by charging the system with freon. If that only temporarily solves the problem, there may be a leak.


Answer by  LuddeMus (12)

it could be the ac-pump has been broken, or maybe you need to refill the ac. or the drivebelt can also have been broken. that question got a lot of answers. the magnet could have seperated from the pump if its a newer ford or a newer volvo (same engine).


Answer by  lebrusc (24)

The common reason for air conditioning failure is due air conditioning system failure and maybe you forgot to fill it up!

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