Question by  amalthea25 (35)

What's the big deal about Papaya clothing?

Is that trendy now?


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

Papaya clothing has a wide choice of trendy styles,but you also could acchieve a classic,elegant look with their clothing.There are a lot of sporty items,like tube tops and bandeau bras,as well as shorts,and there are also a lot of flowing,freeform design items,like loose tops and skirts.There are many things appropriate for the beach or a summer party.


Answer by  snowkid03 (29)

Papaya clothing is really trendy and popular now as an alternative to Forever 21. Papaya has a lot of really cute trendy clothing such as skinny jeans, neon tops, and lace embellished tops at an affordable price for a young adult.

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