Question by  rihu (32)

What is the big deal about Goldie Hawn?

What has she done besides be Kate Hudson's mother?


Answer by  turkinforalivin (1279)

Aside from being Kate Hudson's mom, Goldie Hawn had a pretty successful acting career during the 1970's and 1980's. She starred in several movies such as Wildcats, Overboard, and Private Benjamin. She has been nominated for, and won, several awards including an Oscar for her role in the movie, "Cactus Flower".


Answer by  EchoC (553)

Goldie Hawn has appeared in several movies. She first appeared in films in 1969. She also began appearing in television series in the late 1960's. One of her most well-known and memorable roles is from the 1980 film "Private Benjamin." She has also appeared in many romantic comedies such as "Overboard" and Woody Allen's "Everyone Says I Love You."


Answer by  Jenna20 (74)

I like her. I think she is a great actress, and she has really made some great films in her time, my personal favorite being DEATH BECOMES HER. That was a great movie and it had other great stars in it too.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Goldie Hawn has been in a number of box office hits, has won an Academy Award (best supporting actress) and has been with star actor Kurt Russell for approximately 20 years (but never married to him).

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