Question by  Chris84 (16)

What's the average fare for traveling by Greyhound?

Is there a cheaper bus company?


Answer by  misterhrcpins (455)

The average Greyhound fare is around $100 but there is a much cheaper company. Mega Bus is extremely cheap. Often times the company gives away free tickets.


Answer by  shall8188 (266)

The cost really depends on where you are coming from and where you are going. The website can give you the exact amount of fares, and also may have discounts, making your ticket cheaper. I have not found another company cheaper.


Answer by  HotWheelz (317)

It is hard to tell you the average fare, because it depends on where you are going, and where you are leaving from. But like all tickets, the adult cost is the highest, senior tickets in the middle, and children the cheapest. You can also travel by Megabus, however they do not travel as many places as Greyhound.


Answer by  ayeyoheather (0)

it depends how far ur goin and how far in advance you buy the ticket

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