Question by  AbsolutelyWoman (35)

What is the taxi fare from Midway Airport in Chicago to downtown Chicago?

I am traveling there next week.


Answer by  Biff (36)

It seems that the general consensus is that a taxicab ride from Midway to the Loop (what Chicagoans call their downtown) costs about $27 to $28. This is not including a tip. Native Chicagoans would rather take the CTA Orange Line for $2.25 from Midway Airport to downtown Chicago unless they had too much luggage.


Answer by  djb228 (510)

Taxi fare from downtown Chicago to Midway will probably be $30, but can be more if your cab has to wait in traffic. Some hotels have free or inexpensive shuttles.


Answer by  Phil77 (66)

By baggage claim there is a shuttle that runs about $28 per person to any point in downtown. Taxi fare to the Loop runs a little more. If you're willing to take a train, you can jump on the Orange Line at Midway and ride to the Loop for $2.25. Either way, you're looking at 30 minutes during rush hour.

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