Question by  Bostongal1 (54)

What's a good space saver microwave?


Answer by  TennG78 (254)

I have found that any model made by Sunbeam will fit the need that you have for a microwave. This manufacturer makes many models that do not take up a lot of space, yet still provides power and enough user controls to make the microwave worth consideration for purchase. You may also want to try any Emerson model.


Answer by  JBrony (39)

A way to save space in the kitchen is to use a space saver microwave. A very good brand to choose from is the GE profile brand. This manufacturer generally produces space saver microwaves which are both compact and efficient, and last a very long time. This is important especially since it will be used frequently.

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The GE spacesaver models that have the touchpad control have problems with the touchpad failing (I have read multiple reports of failures in less than 1 year). The touchpad cannot be replaced by itself & the control panel assembly costs as much as replacing the complete micro wave ($500). Apparently,thetouchpadcan'ttakeheat  add a comment

Answer by  JEN36 (17)

Microwave / hood combinations that mount above the stovestop is one option. There are smaller more compact units available; however, the smaller units have less cooking wattage and may not perform to your standards.


Answer by  nickicaleca (10)

It's important to have versatility in the space saving microwave. To be able to cook small meals or being an occasional user, the microwave must be efficiant in both ways. We are also looking for size. Requesting a "space saver", we will chose the microwave that will fit in the area that we have provided.


Answer by  RadioWisconsin (41)

One excellent space saver microwave is the Panasonic NNSD667S Countertop Microwave. It has a 1. 2 cubic foot capacity, but is only 15. 9 x 20. 4 x 11. 9 inches. Unlike most space saver microwaves, the Panasonic NNSD667S is a powerful 1300 watts, more powerful than most space savers.


Answer by  kfrierson2486 (15)

A small microwave oven would be best when trying to save space. Larger microwaves are the reason there is no space.

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