reproductive health


Question by  Mildred (15)

What would make my PMS very strong this month?


Answer by  BethHall (256)

The causes of PMS are not clear. It is linked to the changing hormones during the menstrual cycle. Some women may be affected more than others by changing hormone levels during the menstrual cycle. Stress and emotional problems do not seem to cause PMS, but they may make it worse.


Answer by  Merzkiyi (604)

You may have made a change in your diet, exercise regime, or medication. It could also be a symptom of something, so it'd be wise to see your doctor.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

There are many factors that effect PMS including your diet, exercise and even stress. Try to refrain from drinking things high in caffeine and relax if you can. Avoid high stress situations.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Stress could cause your period and pms be very strong this month. Also, not getting enough rest could be another factor.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

This can often just be the result of hormones, so it may be nothing. If it is extreme, talk to you doctor.

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