Question by  jheremans (1446)

What would be included in the category "dorm appliances?"

I got some info about my new college dorm and it says "dorm appliances" are allowed.


Answer by  canospamo (87)

Most schools allow personal care items, like hair dryers. Check with the school regarding items for food preparation, such as: refrigerators; microwave ovens; air poppers; kettles; and similar appliances.


Answer by  jlb157 (57)

A "dorm appliance" would include anything that is low in wattage. Mostly, a mini refrigerator and an electric tea pot would be included in this category. A toaster oven is typically not allowed to be brought into a dorm room. This appliance is easy to catch fire and is considered a fire hazard on most collage campuses.


Answer by  ravmeister (12)

in my opinion, it would be classified as appliances which a normal person under the specified age would be using(usually students). That would include the following; television, air-con or electric fan, things for cooking( like stove, oven, microwave etc.). Also the standard entertainment equipments can be included like the dvd player or the gaming consoles! hope you get the idea.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

The category of Dorm Appliances is small appliances such as a small refrigerator a small microwave a coffee pot and other appliances that do not draw too much electricity for instance a full size fridge would not fit into this category.

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