Question by  tryin (10)

What will my babies skin coloring be if I am Latina and the father is Caucasian?

I want to know what my baby will look like.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Skin coloring is a mixture of genes. At darkest, the child will be as dark as you. At lightest, as light as the father. A mixed race child will usually be a shade between the two parents, while most children will be a little darker than an average of the two colors, since dark skin is a dominant trait.


Answer by  Burger (20)

It would depend on how light or dark you and your spouses skin is. If you have a lighter tone of skin, your baby would probably have a light toned skin as well.


Answer by  Girish (36)

The color of the baby will depend upon what color genes he has inherited from its parents on a broader terms of genetics. Genetic tests can find out the probability.


Answer by  RRGKK (412)

Genetics are funny. If you have a dark complexion, usually translates into dark complexion for the child, it tends to be dominant. However, it could really be anywhere in between, from your shade lighter. Also, both ancestors on both sides can factor in as well, their complexions may surface as well. Genetics is inexact, and you just never know 100%.

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