Question by  annajenni (15)

What will happen due to global warming?

I think the world is coming to an end.


Answer by  NateDawg (9)

Global warming will cause the levels of the world's oceans to rise. This will cause massive disruption as a large percentage of the human race lives within 100 miles of the coast. Migration, wars, and famine will ensue, as populations scramble for safety and survival. The increase in temperature will also result in dramatic and unpredictable shifts in weather.


Answer by  Denny37 (11)

Global warming( in my opinion) is caused by greenhouse gases. The consequences of this warming are still not represented. But in the next 10 years this will lead to a massive increase in the proficiency level of the sea and ocean, and this will be followed by massive floods.


Answer by  zarasluv (197)

Yes, sad thought. All the ice bergs will melt causing mass floods everywhere and it would get warmer, temperatures rising, Droughts and just all out total kaos.


Answer by  diddy1 (110)

I think the Earth is a very big and powerful place. Global warming will affect the Earth to a great degree but I dont think it will end.

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