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Question by  chellyz (53)

What were the results of the Civil War?


Answer by  JeffI (14)

The American Civil War resulted in a victory for the North. It left the South in shambles, the country still divided, hundreds of thousands of people, from both sides of the war, dead, and -though arguable not an act of the war itself- the United States without a president.


Answer by  mfluder (72)

Slaves were freed. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was ratified. The nation was reunifed. Financially, the Civil War strained the South, resulting in disparity between Northern and Southern economies.


Answer by  sam805236aolcom (267)

Slavery was abolished in the United States by Abraham Lincoln via the Emancipation Proclamation. The North was victorious over the Confederate South. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost.


Answer by  turkinforalivin (1279)

The Union army of the north defeated the Confederate army of the south. Because of this, slavery was abolished in the United States.

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