Question by  shawdowsmom (138)

What were the common incest's mentioned in the old testament?

I need to know about insects in the old testament.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

There were several insects mentioned in the Old Testament. In Exodus several of the plagues involved insects. There were lice, flies and locusts. Check a bible concordance for complete listing.


Answer by  Judeeeds (92)

The first was between the offspring of Adam and Eve. Since all creation stemmed from them, incest was committed for procreation only. Noah's two daughters also committed incest with their father as no men were available, they feared not being able to carry on the lineage, so they fed him wine and committed incest.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Locusts were commonly mentioned, both as a plague upon people and as a sign of God's displeasure, eating all the crops.


Answer by  candeux (21)

The 10 plagues included gnats, flies, and locusts (Exodus). Jews were allowed to eat locusts, kaydids, crickets, and grasshoppers (Leviticus 11). Locusts are also mentioned in many prophesies about destruction.

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