Question by  a75 (12)

What were gas prices like in 1930s?


Answer by  tmoney (176)

In the 1930s, the dollar price was much lower than it is today, around $. 17 a gallon. But that amount does not include inflation. Even though gas was cheaper then, so was the price of everything else, including the price paid to workers. The average salary only allowed about $500 of disposable income per year, so people in the 1930s were also spending a relatively large amount of their money on gasoline.


Answer by  drewdrops (125)

They were probably the same as now, relative to the average income of the typical worker at the time. When we think of going back to those price brackets for goods and services, we imagine going back with our current income. Which, while appealing, would be historically incorrect and unachieveable.

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