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Question by  Kate75 (35)

What grass seed is good for clay soil?

I need to seed an area that is full of clay.


Answer by  bigd (20)

Common bermuda will thrive in clay if properly prepared and seeded. Tilling of the ground before hand is the best way to go. Then applying fertilizer 13-13-13. Then sowing the seed and covering with straw and keeping the ground moist until you see the grass coming up.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

Crab grass, also known as St. Augustine grass, grows well in clay soil, but it considered a weed in some areas.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Go to your local store that has the grass seed and ask around. Determine what kind of grass grows the best in the area you live. Some grasses don't fair well in certain climates or in certain areas. Check the bags to see or ask the store associate for help.


Answer by  hurricore (66)

The type of seed used is determined more by your environment than by the soil type. Any type of seed will have a hard time with hard clay soil. I suggest ammending with some sand and compost it is rether inexpensive


Answer by  Bryan (77)

Scotts make a brand called Full Sun by Scotts use that with the feritilizer and straw. Also would recommend you putting down so top soil on top of that or work it into your soil

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