Question by  azteacher (19)

What tips can you give me for training a Cocker spaniel?

I have a new Cocker Spaniel and need to train him.


Answer by  Lili (37)

When I trained my German Shepard the trainer informed all participants that you should only use one word commands. Anything more will confuse your dog. She also told us to use certain hand movements with each word to give the dog a visual prompt. Some examples: "sit" "heel" "stay" "down" "speak"


Answer by  alpk11 (173)

Like any dog, training takes time and commitment. Sit down and repeat the word and action you want your dog to do. Reward your dog with treats and praise. Don't give up. Keep going until he gets it.


Answer by  k0nok0 (224)

This is not a purse dog and you must be their leader for them to stay happy. You must set rules on what they are allowed and not allowed to do and stick by those rules whether its feeding or where they sleep. Do not let them guard their toys from you.

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