Question by  dardvl (21)

What takes chocolate out of clothes?

I got chocolate on my clothes.


Answer by  Texan65 (37)

You need to use hot water. Run hot water over it, then treat it with a stain treater such as Spray n Wash. Wash in hot water.


Answer by  Mar (428)

Soaking the garment, which has been treated with a stain remover, in warm water and then washing immediately and repeating if necesary is the most efffective treatment.


Answer by  Cypress (166)

Apply an ice cube, or place the stained clothing item in the freezer so the chocolate will harden. You will then be able to scrape the residue off. Pre-soaking in cold water and detergent, or using a commercial stain remover will remove the chocolate stains. Soaking the stain in a mixture of peroxide and water is also effective.


Answer by  Jeannie28 (33)

I got chocolate out of my clothes by immediately washing in the washing machine, no pre-soaking and I set the machine on cold temperature.

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