Question by  eric05 (42)

What supplies do you need in an art classroom?

I will be a substitute art teacher.


Answer by  Jessepotwin (23)

Basic supplies are all you need. A good selection of pencils, with different lead hardness, charcoal, and erasers. For paint, acrylics paints are best for a classroom setting, with a range of different size and shape brushes. It's good to have a lot of different colors, but don't forget the primaries, Red, Blue and Yellow.


Answer by  SharlaBrown (221)

Assuming they're not supplied by the school: large cans of paint, different sizes of paintbrushes, soap to wash the paint out of the brushes, blank paper, illustration board.


Answer by  koolmom (291)

Start with pencils, drawing paper, color pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, colored paper, old magazines and old newspapers. Drawings, collages, paper cutouts and paper mache projects can be made. Have fun.


Answer by  Dturk (132)

That is a broad question, so keep in mind what project you will do when you go buy the supplies. But good paper and lead or color pencils will do.

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