Question by  Deanna (30)

What should I wear with plaid shorts?

My plaid shorts are navy, green, and white.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

Wear a solid-colored top. If you are thin, go with the white. Otherwise, choose the navy or the green.


Answer by  holdengal (693)

Wear a solid color t-shirt (one that is kind of fitted and a v-neck if you're a girl). The more simple your shirt is, the more attention your shorts will get.


Answer by  kbo (401)

With plaid shorts, you should wear a solid color shirt that is the same color as one of the colors in the plaid. For a preppy look, wear plaid shorts with a solid colored polo and boat shoes (such as Sperry loafers).


Answer by  joshandeleisa (331)

With this you need either a navy, green or white shirt. Usually a polo looks really good with them. which ever color is the most in your shorts, get that color top.


Answer by  kmelchers (113)

A solid-color shirt that's navy, white, or the same green as in the shorts would be best. Another possibility would be a white polo with a single navy or green stripe.

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