birth control


Question by  conan (34)

What should I think about a missed period while on birth control?


Answer by  HannahTheWitch (45)

Many birth control commercials say there are side effects and missed periods are usually one of them. Also Birth Control pills don't always work. Don't sweat it:)


Answer by  John (9008)

Women's menstrual cycles can vary due to many reasons, including things like diet and age. It is probably nothing to worry over, but only a gynecologist can tell for sure.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

If you have taken all the pills exactly as directed and have not missed any, it is probably nothing to worry about. It's possible to occasionally miss a period while on the pill. However, if you have missed any pills, you might be pregnant and should see your doctor right away.


Answer by  tatataterri (203)

First, how long have you taken this birth control, it may be common to miss a period in the beginning. Also, this type of birth control may cause you to miss a period. You may also be pregnant or have messed up in taking the birth control.


Answer by  scsofter (66)

It is possible to miss a period while on birth control. Some birth control actually causes periods to be irregular, depending on the type of birth control. If you are very worried about it then you can get a home pregnancy test for a few dollars.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Some birth controls cause you to miss periods occasionally. Take a pregnancy test, if you're not pregnant you should be fine.


Answer by  Amie (430)

If you are on the birth control pill and miss a period, you should contact your doctor right away to take a test and find out if you are pregnant.

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