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Question by  thegoodwitch (12)

What all can a missed period mean?

What else besides pregnancy can a missed period mean? I am not pregnant.


Answer by  HannahTheWitch (45)

It could be a health problem,You can not rule out that you might be pregnant. You should go to a professional.The internet lies. If you are pregnant congratulations, if not i'm sure it's nothing serious.:)


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

A missed period can mean that your body is lacking in nutrients. It can also mean that you are really stressing. While you may want to get checked out by a Dr. if it continues, you might also want to double check that you are eating well balanced meals, or taking multi-vitamins, and taking it easy.


Answer by  jaglikes2save (131)

A missed period can mean a lot of things. At this point, please do not worry. Definitely get an appointment with your doctor or OB/GYN to find out what is going on, but your missed period could be due to stress you are dealing with. Another reason a woman can miss her period is due to travel through timezones.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

A missed period can be the result of many things with the first being pregnant, even if you have yet to test positive that could still be the answer.


Answer by  John (9008)

A missed period could mean all sorts of different things other than a pregnancy. All women have changes in their menstrual cycles over time; this gets more and more frequent as women approach menopause. It could simply be normal. It could also be the result of a change in diet. Less likely possibilities include a hormonal imbalance or illness.


Answer by  ryan68 (45)

well obviously it could me you are pregnant. it could also mean that you didn't that month. it may mean nothing, not every woman has a period every month.


Answer by  drrmpatelyahoocom (60)

It may be hormonal imbalance in any age. may require treatment. If you are near monopose age than also there may be missed period do not require any treatment

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