Question by  nishanth (46)

What should I put on a healing tattoo?


Answer by  Anonymous

Use Aquaphor the first 3-4days (thin layer) continuously wash with anti-microbacterial soap. 5th day++ use curel lotion intense care, nourishing, healing etc. DO NOT USE A&D thats what ghetto people do, to have it come out shiny and perfect like when u first got it use auquaphor


Answer by  Phyllis843 (141)

Most tattoo artists recommend a favorite. Different things work better on different skin types. Curel lotion is very good, but it will take a lot. I like Vaseline best.


Answer by  Tracey62 (316)

The person who tattooed you should have told you to put something like A & D Ointment on your brand new tattoo. A & D Ointment keeps the new tattoo moist and protected (especially when taking a shower). The ointment should be applied liberally to the tattoo for two weeks or until all the scab falls off.


Answer by  liblady (366)

Your tattooist should have provided instructions, and you should follow them. Artists use different styles, materials and equipments, and this will determine after care. When in doubt, just keep it clean. Never put Neosporin, hydrocortisone, lotion or anything else in a healing tattoo. If your tattoo was done correctly, the body will heal on its own.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well your tattoo artist should have recommended some type of moisturizer on it. Something like aquaphor or similar tattoo friendly lotion.

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