Question by  Iliescu (6)

What should I look for when maternity shopping?

Are there fashions to avoid?


Answer by  moggie (329)

Style, comfort, affordability, and the ability to wear it for more than a month. Tops that are blousey, and pants that have adjustable waistbands will extend their wear as your baby is growing in size inward and you grow in size outward. Also, find a mommy group where clothes trading is an option. This has saved tons for many.


Answer by  Sett (1838)

When maternity shopping look for tops that are longer because you want room for your stomach. Stay away from anything that cinches the material in the middle like a babydoll tops because that can hurt your stomach and also make you look larger than you actually are. Buy pants that have a nice long elastic waist for comfort also.


Answer by  TonyB (341)

Look for items that are expandable so you can wear them during your whole pregancy and after you have the baby before your normal clothes fit again.


Answer by  TracyS (186)

There is a lot of very fashionable clothing for pregnant women. Generally you should avoid the very small cut clothes when you are pregnant unless you are going for a particularly sexy look maybe for the bedroom or something. Tunics are very in and cute on a pregnant woman too.

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