Question by  chandni (145)

What should I know before transplanting a Norway Spruce?


Answer by  sleepyjey (248)

Gently dig out your spruce and make sure you keep as much of the root as possible. There needs to be a ball of soil around the roots. Cover the exposed roots (polythene or newspaper will do). Don't expose the root to too much wind when doing the transplant.


Answer by  tweety (266)

Noarway Spruce have a very deep root system. How old and how big is your spruce and how far away do you wanna transplant it?

Reply by wonderman (201):
My friend actually hired a professional to do the job as he transplanted a large norway spruce. It cost him a bit, but the spruce is nice and healthy even today!  add a comment

Answer by  digmyspace (249)

Remember that the Norway Spruce will need about 4-6 weeks for their root to form well. So be careful of when you transplant them. If it's too close to winter the ground will freeze before they have formed good roots and this will kill them.

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