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Question by  yeahitsme (35)

What is the proper care for an Alberta spruce tree?

I need tips on how to care for my Alberta spruce tree.


Answer by  Esme (535)

Alberta spruce trees must be grown in garden soil and the soil must be fertile and slightly acidic. Proper drainage must be ensured and do not over water them. These trees require partially shaded area, but can tolerate full sun too.If infected, spray insecticidal soap or horticultural oil.


Answer by  reddeb96701 (494)

Alberta spruce trees are really easy to care for. Do not over water but let a hose just drizzle a little bit on them when it is hot during the summers. Fertilize them in the spring and that is to caring for these terrific trees that grow into lovely pyramids shapes.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

This kind of plant is not that difficult to take care as it can tolerate hot weather conditions. Like any other plants, it needs water but not much of it. On the other hand, giving it some fertilizer could also optimize its growth. For the tree to look more beautiful, trimming it into a christmas tree shape would be good.


Answer by  pancake (30)

Make sure you keep it watered in the begining. Take your garden hose and let it trickle water every other day for about two weeks. This will allow the roots to grow down. Make sure you have it in the proper location, away from high wind. Give it a little fertilizer, too.


Answer by  Zorfandel (398)

I am assuming that this is a newly planted tree and not an older unhealthy tree by the context of your question. This tree favors acidic soil so it is important not to give this tree too much fertilizer. Over the time period of the next month water every day.

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