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Question by  rajneesh (18)

What should I know about the adoption of foreign adults?

I have a friend who wants to adopt an 18 year old from another country to get him out of a bad situation.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

There are some states that dont allow you to do these sorts of adoptions. There may be no sexual or romantic relationship involved with this adoption. Many states also require that there be a number of years between the person who wants to adopt the adult and the adult being adopted. The rules just have to be followed.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I don't know is adopting a child that age would be wise. He is set in his ways. He is almost a grown woman or man. How does he know this child? Does he have an accurate background? Does he speak english, finished school? What is the bad situation? Will he need counseling either there or here?


Answer by  cotton1714 (23)

My first thought was how can someone 18 years old be adopted? I guess they can but I would have no idea as to how to go about doing it.

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