Question by  kiki (36)

What should I know about nail polish for Muslim women?

I'm not aware of their beliefs or customs.


Answer by  thegreenvisitor (7)

When you wear nail polish, you adorn yourself, and this is not allowed, in Islam, to women to do in front of foreign people, you can do this only in front of your husband, your unmarriageable persons (mehrems like your father, brother, uncle,..) or children those do not have sexual ability yet. This is why nail polish is harmful.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

Basically, you can wear nail polish, but no one but your immediate family or other women are allowed to see it. If you are a traditional Muslim woman and want to wear it, you must wear gloves in public. Also, nail polish can invalidate some prayers, but not all.


Answer by  Anonymous

Muslim women can use ANY nail color on their nails. They just cant pray with their nails painted.


Answer by  Judeeeds (92)

Muslim women are not allowed to wear any type of visible color on their nails; clear nail polishis would be okay as would a pale pink or peach.

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