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Question by  qbmdo (24)

What should I know about keep a chinchilla as a pet?

I would like to be educated before I buy one.


Answer by  petpal (136)

Chinchillas are rather high maintenance pets. They are soft and cuddly, but are much like rabbits in their behavior. They are skittish, and easily scared, and will bite if they feel threatened. They also have a specific diet and housing needs, that include temperature range. Your local pet store would be best able to educate you thoroughly.


Answer by  essjay (7)

Chinchillas are nocturnal, like hamsters, so they are most active at night time and sleep through a lot of the day. As a pet they would therefore be more interesting to someone who can spend time with their pet in the evenings. They are also very sociable animals so it is better to get a pair of chinchillas.


Answer by  windling (38)

Probably the most important thing about raising a chinchilla is remembering that they are nocturnal. The second thing to know is that they are not kept clean like most pets. Chinchillas take "sand baths" by rolling around in sand. Keep clean sand in their cages so they can wash. They also like exercise.


Answer by  sharonl (250)

You want a multi level metal cage. They need to be kept cool. They need to bathe in dust. They eat a chinchilla pellet diet with plenty of hay as well. Use a hardwood bedding such as aspen. Pine and cedar are toxic. They need alot of chew toys and need to monitored when out of the cage.


Answer by  busymomof1 (83)

Chinchillas make really fun pets, but remember they require some special care. One thing you need to remember is that they require dust baths to stay clean and healthy.

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