Question by  viva (60)

What should I know about growing nectarines?


Answer by  emhaskey (685)

Plow a sunny area 5 feet wide, 1 foot deep with well-drained sandy loam. Plant the tree with the bud union 1 inch above the soil.


Answer by  askandyoushallreceive (658)

It must be a warm environment. Frosts should be watched out for and prepared for ahead of time. Have some sort of covering for the plants or way to keep them warm, such as a constant watering mist on them so they do not freeze. The soil should also be a little loamy.


Answer by  rascuache (34)

Nectarines like a full sun area with no shade at all. They should be planted in a sandy loam type soil with excellent drainage. The Nectarine tree will need a good diameter for its roots and nice an deep soil.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Nectarines are a fairly hardy tree, and under the right conditions, it should grow healthy and tall. They like sun light, but not really hot areas. They require a lot of water, build a large well around it and fill it at least once a day, especially when fruiting. Trim the branches and suckers every year for optimum growth.


Answer by  FreddieR (104)

Plant a nectarine tree in full sun, on a high spot in the yard. Well-drained sandy loam soil with proper PH is also important.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

It needs lot of sunlight and good alluvial soil. When it is growing prun the branches to avoid clumpsy spreadings. Add natural manures and compost. Watering should be normal otherwise it will kill the plant. As for as possible avoid using chemicals as fertilizers or insecticides. Check the quality of the soil beore planting the tree.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

To grow nectarines, you will have to make sure that you plant the tree in a wide area because of the amount of space the tree takes. You will have to cultivate the soil on a regular basis because it helps facilitate growth of the nectarines. Also, water on a daily basis.

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