Question by  Senthil1981 (4)

What should I know about common cancers in pugs?

I would like to learn more about cancers in pugs.


Answer by  simna (473)

Pugs are not known for hereditary cancers. If he seemed to be tired, won't play, won't eat etc, we must give some extra care. Lymphoma, mammary tumors, mast cell tumors are some examples.


Answer by  Sujitharejinold (24)

The identification of the cancer in dogs body is on the lumps and tumors. The main symptoms of cancer are weight loss, Difficulty in eating, over swellings, Difficulty breathing, urinating.


Answer by  sarah237 (385)

Dogs with short noses are more likely to get mase cell tumors.The cancer is identified by lumps and tumors on the dogs body.


Answer by  girlygirl (58)

Dogs with short noses such as the pug, are more likely to get mast cell tumors. This cancer is identified by lumps and tumors on the dog's body. Cysts may also be present. When these lumps and tumors are found, its best to take the dog to a vet.


Answer by  rosslori6 (99)

Skin cancer is a very common cancer in Pugs. Always check for bumps, no matter the size, and have them examined immediately by your vet as they can grow quickly.


Answer by  Xander14 (7)

The most common cancers in pugs include cancer of the eye, bladder, and skin and usually occur in later life (around 5-9 years or more) but can occur at any time in a pug's life.

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