Question by  antgly (27)

What should I know about caring for a Japanese Zelkova tree?


Answer by  Supriya36 (48)

First thing to do is place a bamboo cane against trunk of the tree to keep it straight. Tie the trunk to cane in several places. Bamboo support should be used till 4 years. Once a year, remove the tree from the pot and trim roots and transplant it to a larger pot afterwards. Give moderate exposure to the sun.


Answer by  Dary (111)

The Japanese Zelkova tree is more recognize with the name of bonsai. This Tree needs patience and time to make it look good and pretty. You can start working on it when is about 10 inches tall.


Answer by  janice (26)

you need bamboo cane to put up against the bark to keep it straight.once a year you have to remove the tree and trim its roots.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

The Japanese Zelkova tree grows in dry climates so it is better to grow them in fall. Strict watering patterns need to be maintained for the beloved growth of this plant.


Answer by  LouB (294)

For the first few years, it needs to be trained straight by placing a stick in the pot with it. Also make sure it is in the proper sized pot.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Originally from Asia and cooler climates, this tree is a relative of the elm. A good drainage system is a must. If you grow as a bonsai, repot adult trees every 2-3 years, preferably in early spring. If you keep this tree outside, keep out of frost. It will thrive in lots of sun and plenty of water.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Anything oriental means you should get a book for it that way as the plant changes you will know the next step so it thrives.


Answer by  choctaw (361)

These trees need extra phosphorus especially when they are young. Look for a fertilizer that has lots of it. They like full sun and sandy soil with some clay.

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