Question by  LovinAl (34)

What should I know about caring for a balloon molly?


Answer by  theblip (295)

Make sure you feed them both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. They love algae, but make sure you also pop in some freeze-dried shrimp and worms. Balloon Mollies are omnivores.


Answer by  jeyR (264)

My friend bought a few Balloon Molly and they were pretty inexpensive - less than 3 $ a fish. They look brilliant and seem to be easy to take care of - my friend is pretty careless at times but the fish still survive.

Reply by enlightened (206):
I heard you can buy them online! Was a little surprised - how do they ship these if you buy the fish online?  add a comment

Answer by  digmyspace (249)

Balloon Mollies are a peaceful lot and can be put in a community pond or aquarium with other peaceful fish. They can adapt slowly to saltiness - but make sure there are no sudden changes. They grow best in larger tanks with plenty of ferns and algae.


Answer by  boonjax (205)

If you want to breed some, make sure you make a separate breeding tank for the Balloon Molly - this should be at least 25 gallons. Coat it thick with algae and have some dense ferns in there. They can produce up to 50 little fish at a time!

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