Question by  f (72)

What is the difference between a black molly male and female?

I have male and female black molly fish and can not tell them apart.


Answer by  worker4398 (14)

Just in front of the fishes vent there is a fin,if it's like quarter of a circle the fish is a female, and pointed like a nozzle is a male.


Answer by  DiggityDoo (100)

The molly male is usually a bit smaller than the female, with showier fins, and the females have deeper bodies than the skinnier-looking males. The real telltale is that the males chase the females to mate, and you will see the male flicking his gonopodium--a sexual organ along the bottom of the body--forward towards the female.


Answer by  jon6 (488)

There is a very big difference in size between the male and the female. The female black mollies are much larger than the males.


Answer by  dkr0826 (44)

The male should have a fanning fin across its back when its swimming and the female will not. Also there should be more pudge on the belly of a male for reproducing. Males are also slightly bigger than females and have an anal fin that sticks straight out females anal fin is typically fan shaped.

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