Question by  ct9293 (5)

What should I know about canning pepperoncini?


Answer by  meridian (466)

It is best to use a vacuum process instead of a heat process to preserve the taste of the pepperoncini.


Answer by  Chemist47 (189)

With vegetables like pepperoncini (peppers) you do not need a pressure cooker because you can preserve them in brine or pickling salt. All you need is a large hot water canner in which to boil the water, it should come with a wire rack to keep the jars off the bottom. Follow the instructions.


Answer by  Sally30 (163)

When canning, you should follow accepted methods to prevent the possibility of botulism toxin. A good reference is the Blue Ball Canning Book.


Answer by  lou (792)

Pepperoncini should be treated the same as chile peppers or cucumbers when canning. Pepperoncini needs to be canned in a vinegar based brine. This is the same process used when canning pickles. You can choose to use a sweet brine or a slightly more salty vinegar brine. Always use canning salt or your brine will become cloudy in appearance.

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